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글로벌 숏비디오플랫폼 기업 "Head of Sales - Global Gaming, Korea"
회사소개 글로벌 비디오플랫폼 기업
업무내용/자격요건 [담당업무]
- Motivate a highly success driven team to constantly achieve goals across a region and multiple countries.
- Develop the team, leading by example; developing sales skills, coaching & training, building organizational structure including recruiting and enabling career development with a strategic mindset and effective tactics in order to achieve challenging objectives.
- Influence strategic sales with business insights
- Provide solution-driven sales with executive influence to convince and secure investment on TikTok.
- Demonstrate holistic business acumen across all markets, multiple industries and key factors in order to drive success across the region.
Leverage cross-functional resources, manage priorities and seek win-win situations
- Cooperate with cross-functional leaders to build frameworks that align processes, workflows and roles & responsibilities.
- Leverage resources where and when needed by managing priorities.
- Demonstrate a strong executive presence, able to provide complex conflict management
- Build strong partnerships with key clients and c-level executives within the gaming industry
- Sustain close communication and alignment with clients and local sales counterparts to maximize client strategies and engender trust and collaboration
- Navigate complex conflict resolutions, influencing key client behaviors whilst ensuring business continuity.
Oversee excellent sales management with strategic perspective
- Lead the team with a strategic mindset and effective tactics in order to achieve challenging objectives.
- Take responsibility for overall account planning, using data insights and pipeline management.
- Establish managerial processes: annual planning, budget prioritization, impact measurement
- Regularly consult with local/regional sales leadership to enhance brand and product level positioning and engagement in their markets

- Bachelor's degree or above; with minimum 10+ years of work experience in media sales role with knowledge in gaming, digital performance marketing and ad metrics from tech-driven companies or media platforms
- 5+ years of team and people management experience
- Deep understanding of ad tech partners' ?structure, economics, processes, roles, clients etc. and have a genuine passion for business with a strong network within the gaming industry
- Leadership skills ? strong point of view with the ability to navigate clients, tech partners, and leverage existing relationships as well as building/fostering new relationships in a matrix organization
- Demonstrate ability to drive business agendas with senior stakeholders and meet revenue objectives
- Ability to lead, plan and manage extensive advertising budgets & campaigns
- Proficient in Korean and English with writing, communication and interpersonal skills

서류전형 / 면접전형

이력서 및 경력기술서
기타사항 학력:대졸이상, 나이:무관, 성별:무관, 외국어:영어
근무지:서울시 강남구
담당자 담당컨설턴트: 유소희 수석
연락처: 02-739-1763 /
이메일: ysh@searchncompany.com
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