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글로벌 소비재 회사 e-commerce Executive  (지원마감)
회사소개 외국계 소비재/전자
업무내용/자격요건 [담당업무]
Develop e-Retail strategy and action plans in line with overarching Digital / e-Commerce strategy
? Analyze e-Commerce market trend and monitor competitive landscape and recommend new opportunities in channel development, processes, promotion types in the fast-changing environment
? Support e-Commerce Manager in planning overarching e-Commerce strategy for IQOS with market insights and innovative ideas
? Constantly monitor market situation and competitor promotions in terms of sales, e-merchandising, promotion schemes, distribution channels, and product mix/pricing

Accountability 2
Manage e-Retail channel portfolio and operations
? Identify, implement, drive and monitor business development opportunities with e-retailers. Establish new channels and manage portfolio of existing channels for maximum productivity and long-term growth
? Perform direct/indirect selling, negotiating and keep up with demand from customers in accordance with budget and forecast
? Monitor and optimize performance for daily sales results, inventory status, and goal completion rate and provide reporting to key stakeholders including global HQ counterparts
? Manage the vendors for e-retail, collaboratively developing new opportunities, rolling out promotions, and testing / implementing new projects in line with IQOS digital strategy
? Develop and manage commercial relationship with local partners
? Lead coordination with local partners for digital marketing activities according to channel-specific opportunities and IQOS offers
? Collaborate with internal stakeholders such as Logistics, Finance, Customer Care and Marketing teams for operational excellence in e.g. demand planning, financial reconciliation, creative developments, etc.

Accountability 3
Initiate and lead digital projects
? Identify new digital projects and lead/ participate in the projects for development of e-Commerce / IT systems for operational efficiency
? Lead process innovation for always-on overall e-Commerce operations
? Lead projects with vendors or local partners and agencies under overarching Digital / e-Commerce Strategy
? Support optimization efficiency of operations through IT optimization, 3rd Party changes, and/or new processes definition and implementation

? More than 8 years of experience in Ecommerce or related field (Minimum 5 years of professional experience in digital and eBusiness both direct and indirect e-retail)
? Demand planning, budget & cost management

서류전형 / 면접전형

기타사항 학력:대졸이상, 나이:무관, 성별:무관, 외국어:무관
담당자 담당컨설턴트: 황성하 차장
연락처: 02-739-3556 /
이메일: sungha@searchncompany.com
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