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CEO Greetings

I will fulfill the customer satisfaction management with which both the corporations and the individuals can be satisfied. Search & Company is an executive search firm.

The President of Search & Company  Noh, Chang-ho.

In the current situation in which we live in the era of infinite competition,
which has been rapidly changing everyday, whether it is the country or the corporation,
the source of the competitiveness can be said to be ‘the human beings’

Like the advertisement of a corporation
“Although raising the businesses guarantees
the present of the corporation,
raising the human beings guarantees the future of the corporation”,
only the corporations that secure the excellent men and women of talent
can become the top corporations.

Based on the professional consultants who possess the experiences and the capabilities by each industrial field and the one-stop DB system possessing the core DB that has over 300,000 people, Search & Company has been recommending excellent men and women of talent to a lot of businesses from the global, large corporations to the medium-sized enterprises both here in Korea and overseas.

With the well-organized work system and the practice of the management for customer satisfaction, we will provide the differentiated services about which both the corporations and the individuals can be moved.

As a trusted partner that materializes the desired concepts of the men and women of talent demanded by corporations, Search & Company shall do its utmost as a partner of opportunity that provides the best career development and the optimal employment information to the individuals.

Thank you.

No.1 Search Firm,

a leading name in the global