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Service Fields

  • Headhunting(Executive Search)

    As a service that quickly finds and recommends the talented people who are the most suitable to the high-class expert manpower needed by corporations, Search & Company provides the service of recommending the talented people of all the levels, including the CEO’s, the executive level, the core talented people, etc.

  • The Reference Checks

    Prior to the finalization of the employment of a man or a woman of talent, the facts in the resume and the letter of self-introduction are checked. Through a previous superior officer at work, a colleague, a subordinate staff member or a staff member of an external company with whom one had worked as a business partner, the opinions on the work capabilities, the role within the organization, the personality, the interpersonal relations, etc. of the candidate are listened to, after which the comprehensive verification materials on the candidate are provided.

  • Career Consulting

    With regard to the experiences of the candidates, based on the past experiences and the current and future information of the candidate, after evaluating the value of the experience of the customer, the comprehensive experience design for the future is advised. It is a consulting program that supports the achievement of the career goal for the future.

  • The Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    It is a service in which, in case a corporation employs a large number of talented people for the jobs for the persons with the experiences according to the changes of the management environment, the whole process of the employment is serviced, including the recruit notice, the document receipts, the document examination, the interviews, and the various tests. Or, it is a service that acts in proxy regarding the specific processes.

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