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About Company

Through the practice of the customer satisfaction management, Search & Company will become the premium number 1 headhunting-specializing corporation that is the best in the Republic of Korea.

At Search & Company, the expert consultants with the diverse experiences who have secured the expertise in each industrial field work. For the securing of the global, excellent men and women of talent, it also has the global business headquarters.

The consultants at our company have been in charge of the diverse types of business, including finance, electric, electronic/IT communication, consumer goods, machines/ automobiles, construction/heavy industries, chemicals/energy, medical treatments and pharmaceuticals, etc. By operating our own DB system, which is of the top level in Korea, we have secured a pool of the over 300,000 excellent and high-class men and women of talent by each field, thereby providing the best customer services.

As for the business areas and as the core businesses of the headhunting, the reference checks, the career coaching services, etc. have been provided. The business field has been expanded to the advices and the consulting regarding the personnel affairs and the education.

The right man at the right place makes the top corporation.
The future of the nation and the future of the corporation hang on the men and women of talent.
Please meet the top men and women of talent at Search & Company.

Through the practice of the customer satisfaction management with which the corporation and the individuals can be satisfied, we promise to become the top, premium number 1 headhunting-specializing corporation that represents the Republic of Korea.

All the management and staff of Search & Company Co., Ltd.

No.1 Search Firm,

a leading name in the global